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Supercharge your squad

Want to feel like a mind-reader? Get insights and analytics that show exactly what your employees want, plus tons of other features that make your HR/People Ops team feel like they have superpowers.

Stop answering the same questions

Guide your employees to a single place to search for all their questions, plus get access to dozens of videos that explain concepts and benefits to your team.


Make your job easier

Download our free explainer video for your team explaining the difference between HMOs and PPOs in just two short minutes. Our treat.

Do more with less

Small team? Get the same engagement as a Fortune 500 company with Showcase Marketplace. Plus, our powerful features will make it feel like you've added another full member to your people team.

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We do the hard work for you

Let your employees ask vendors questions directly, so you can stop being the middleman. Never spend time updating vendor info again—vendors keep their own information up to date.

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